Pulsar Core FXQ38 Thermal Imaging Attachment


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– of the thermal module: 1x
– when assembled with monocular unit: 3.1x
Refresh rate: 50 Hz
Range of observation: 1400 m

What’s in the box

Monocular CORE FXQ38 | Attachment’s eyepiece | Carrying case | Hand strap | Wireless remote control | User manual | Cleaning cloth | Warranty card


  • The perfect alternative to full-size thermal optics
    Designed to be the perfect alternative to full-sized night vision or thermal scopes lacking quick-release or a reliable return to zero, the Core delivers unmatched quick-detach thermal optic flexibility without compromising accuracy, shooting style or overall shootability. While the Core’s lightweight, compact design does not influence rifle balance, it does put simple thermal imaging control at the operator’s fingertips without breaking shooting form.
  • Quick transformation
    Core FXQ38 and FXQ50 devices include a detachable eyepiece for lightning-quick transitions from thermal riflescope attachment to monocular. Mount and dismount the Core without losing zero!
  • Point-of-Impact Stability
    The Core’s precision build quality, cutting-edge design and advanced software deliver reliable, repeatable point-of-impact stability without requiring any windage or elevation adjustments from the day optic.
  • Nighttime shooting advantages
    Using the Core Front Attachment includes several benefits over night hunting with traditional optics or even thermal or night vision devices. Attaching the Core to a traditional scope delivers the same creature comforts of shooting with day optics you are accustomed to, including your existing reticle and eye relief. The Core Front Attachment even allows you to continue utilizing your riflescope’s variable magnification.
  • Compatible with various day optics
    The Core is designed to turn most traditional rifle scopes, with objective lens diameters of 40 mm – 56 mm, into thermal imaging devices without effecting point-of-impact. Attach and detach the Core in seconds, without losing zero, using the Core’s quick-release bayonet mount.
  • Green AMOLED Display
    The Core’s green AMOLED screen enhances image quality, improves viewing comfort and reduces eye fatigue.
  • External Power Supply
    The Core FXQ includes a universal power adapter. Operation time can be significantly prolonged by using high-capacity external power supply units, which can be attached via a weather-resistant micro-USB port and DC 2.1 x 5.5 mm.
  • Wireless Remote Control
    An ergonomic, wireless remote control puts basic Core controls at your fingertips for comfortable, convenient, hands-off operation.
  • Fully waterproof
    IPX7 waterproof-rated protection ensures the Core Front Attachment performs perfectly in wet weather, even during intense rain, snowfall and submersion in 1 m. of water for up to 30 min. (IEC 60529).
  • Wide range of operating temperatures
    With a frost-resistant AMOLED display, the Core Thermal Imaging Scope is designed to deliver flawless performance at an extreme temperature range of -25° – +50°C.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 14 × 12 in


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