TYRAN 384 Thermal Sight



TYRAN® – The new Thermal Sight by ThermalSWAT with built-in ballistic calculator, GPS and a Hi-end 905 µm invisible IR laser rangefinder.

This sight is capable of operating in rough weather conditions when other LRF’s fail. Its key features allow Tyran to simply outperform all others. Digital image stabilization allows for a much more stable sight image when not on a rest or tripod. Additional unique features such as auto GPS track to POI, hot-replacing of the battery and much more make the Tyran a formidable product for anyone on any level.


  • Focal length – 50mm
  • Zoom optical / Digital – x3 / x6, x12, x24
  • Target detection range – 1640 yards
  • Value of click – MOA 0.07
  • Built-in ballistic calculator – Yes
  • Maximum shooting distance – 1310 yards
  • Automatic target acquisition – Yes
  • Automatic target contouring with linear dimensions calculation – Yes
  • Smart Video recording®  – Yes
  • GPS module – Yes
  • Electronic maps and navigation – Yes
  • LRF measuring distances – 7-10000 yards
  • On-map targets coordinates logs – Yes
  • iOS and Android devices connectivity – Yes


The product on this page may be subject to either the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (22 CFR 120-130) or the Export Administration Regulation (15 CFR 730-774). US Government authorization may be required to transfer this to foreign persons

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 14 × 12 in


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